Who Need Trans Fat and How Much?

by winar on February 3, 2013

trans fatTrans fats seemed like such a good thing once, enhancing the flavor, texture, and shelf life of many processed foods — from cookies to frozen pizza. Unfortunately, they come with a health risk. [click to continue…]


Beautiful Hidden Beaches in Europe

by winar on February 2, 2013

Currently it is difficult to find a quiet tourist destination in Europe. Some destination with beautiful scenery usually visited by a lot of tourists. But it turns out, . It is not a problem for you who like a quiet and peaceful destination. For example, there are still seven most beautiful hidden beaches in Europen. And the good news, those beautifull beaches still “hidden” until now. [click to continue…]


Makeup for Casual Look Everyday

by winar on January 25, 2013

casual look,makeup

Makeup can truly be considered a girl’s best friend especially if applied properly, so why not turn to makeup to underline your natural beauty?! There is a variety of makeup styles and cosmetic products available to choose from and this means you can choose the perfect makeup for you or a particular occasion. If you are looking for a quick and easy makeup, you can turn towards the following 5 minute casual makeup tips can help you spare some of the time spent in front of the mirror while still allowing you to look fabulous. [click to continue…]


Safe Exercise for Elderly

by winar on January 23, 2013

Exercise for Elderly

Light physical activity and safe exercise for the elderly/senior citizens, have many benefits like improved posture, reduced stiffness in the joints, improved muscular strength, reduced risks of getting chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure, just to list a few. There are some balance exercises for the elderly which improve body balance and coordination. One such simple exercise is just trying to get up from the sitting position without any support, and also without leaning the body on any side to gather some support. [click to continue…]


Fashion Tips for Matching Clothing Color

January 21, 2013

When you stepping out with your color mismatched, what will tou find? Fashion disaster!! Even there are no official style laws saying that you can not combine red magenta with canary yellow, but there are some do’s and don’ts when you matching colors. Even if you are dressing up for a business presentation, matching the [...]

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Which Beach You Pick For Your Next Trip?

January 17, 2013

If you wanto to relax in the beach, whic beach want to visit? It’s easily think that Caribbean, the Mediterranean, some Pacific island, or other such place which offers beautiful beaches that you just can’t resist. But where beach you want go?

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Different Skin Cleanser for Men and Women?

January 16, 2013

Someone says that men from mars and women from venus. This mean it’s a frist step to gender stereotype. Men are brutal, hard-living cowboys who smell of dirt, sweat and musk. Women, on the other hand, are gentle flowers who spend a great deal of time honing their beauty and social graces. One sex comes [...]

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Nail as Health Indicator

January 15, 2013

Palm readers claim to know your future health and longevity by reading your “life line.” Although that method isn’t very scientific, there may be some merit to examining the hands to determine your overall well-being — only it’s the nails, rather than the palms, that you should be keeping track of. Even though nails aren’t [...]

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Kecak and Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple, Bali

January 14, 2013

Another beautiful temple in Bali is Uluwatu temple. The temple at Uluwatu (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) was built by the Javanese Hindu guru Empu Kuturan in the 10th century. Seven hundred years later, the guru Niratha added further to the temples on the site. “Ulu” means head, and “Watu” means rock; the temple at “the head [...]

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How to Use Sunscreen Correctly

January 14, 2013

If you’re going to the beach, don’t forget this thing; use sunscreen. Nowaday, there are much product that offer to the market and one of theme maybe right to your skin. After that, how to use it? Below the tips from the experts how to use sunscreen correctly.

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